OK, here a list of “good guys” with whom i’ve the pleasure of sharing the same passion. Thanks to each one of them…
So, you know who you are, in no particular order:

Massimo S., Emanuele B., Laurens, Igor, Tom, ramones_fanatic, Patrick, Eric, jcsmiths, Bjorn S., Disconutshot, Luke, Matt, Glen, Ercole M., Roland, poppunkradio, Rebajas, Demis, Malte, Weltrum, Dan, Simon B., beepbeepbeepbeepyeah, nofxcrewofficial, motorchad, pinch2k4, batfuk, yeticidevinyl, recordsale, sticker-and-patches, jvrban, ghb3_70, vinyl-pops, David L., Vincent, Record_Garage, punkchinburn, jimmythescumbag, discobolandia, Vinyl Rites, Theo, danielajesse, campallison, elfactor, babahaogao, aanana512013, jankster8, otakurulez, ticro, Dan and Justin, toxictoastrecords, get_importcds, Sally, joeycavallos86, zionsgate, Federico L., David L., gabrielli_marco, atomremlap, domstpier, camden-town-recordz, brockskomorowski, taliesinporter, vinyl.garage.japon, piky0032, mrmattchrist, wrecked_fat_man, SurfOrSink, mecodu, *rainmaker, underrated2004, Stefano G., Joel A., HiVoltage, heinektz78, ravenrecordsoz, feelagreatbid, fridaynightsaturdaymorning, snuffish, hmadmonkey, MellowBiafra, kadaver, sphinxdaking, cantslowdownrecords, Ralf. B., DaPhilthyOne, DCScreech, HeartBeatsPacific, James C., jawbreaker, Murkt, shumez666, Steve C., Sander O., Mike E., thelovetrees, thepunkguy, infomad, mad world community, hybrid moments, wallforno, vinylgraveyard, jano81, sanfranciscofat, Jens O., Ville H., Zachary E., Jordan N., burntwolf, downinthevalley, StreetlightRecords, epitaph, facerecords, Daniel M., Maurizio L.,

…special thanks to Fat Wreck Chords and NOFX.
urely i forgot someone, sorry for this…



Fat Mike, NOFX frontman, created his label in 1990. Amazing bands are part of it, in addition to NOFX, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, No Use For a Name, Lagwagon, Strung Out, Mad Caddies etc

Online records store, fat wreck europe. Take a look here, you will surely find something interesting.

Brett Gurewitz, guitarist of Bad Religion, created this label at the beginning of the eighties and has become one of the main labels of the punk rock scene… NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Millencolin, Rancid and more…



A Wikipedia style with a complete Fat Wreck Chords catalogue, the FATALOG. Any info, all the existing variants of the fat wreck world it can be found here… Also with a great great message board.


Another great board, catalog, pressing and variant info.

Discogs is the Wikipedia of music. It is an open source, collaborative, free and freely editable database. Anyone, after registering, can contribute to existing entries or create new ones. Here you can find all the info of any album, of any variant of each album. Where everyone can sell or buy from their account. So sign up, if you haven’t done it yet…


A big bulletin board with lots of information about the whole musical world, buying, selling, trade…

Another community to share, exchange and live your music…