band: NOFX
title: 30th anniversary boxset
format: 12″
vinyl color:
pink, green, black
label colors:
pressing quantity: unknown
release date: 19 feb 2013

catalog number:
special info: Include all of NOFX’s studio albums, as well as the previously unreleased 2xLP for the 7” of the month club. Also include a life-size version of the band’s stage banner
. The first 250 copies for Epitaph and 250 for Fat Wreck will be signed by the band.
Not much information is available on this version, signed but not numbered...

pressing info and other variants:
unknown copies on mix color vinyl boxset with black, green and pink vinyls, SIGNED BUT NOT NUMBERED – ON THIS PAGE
on black vinyl boxset, retail variant
1000 on green / blue vinyl boxset, fat wreck webstore variant
1000 on pink color vinyl boxset, epitaph webstore variant

discogs info for this record
FATALOG info for this record

01 – Liberal Animation

02 – S & M Airlines
03 – Ribbed
04 – White Trash, Two Heebs & A Bean
05 – Punk In Drublic
06 – Heavy Petting Zoo
07 – So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
08 – Pump Up The Valuum
09 – The Decline
10 – War On Errorism
11 – Wolves in Wolves Clothing
12 – Coaster
13 – Self-Entitled
14 – 7” inch of the month club 2 LP, previously unreleased

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