band: NOFX
title: zyclone b. bath house / spaghetti motel (fat club 7″)
format: 7”
vinyl color: olive green
label colors: black / black
pressing quantity: 1300
release date:

catalog number:
special info:
the Fat Club was available in 2001. People who joined got 12 7″, one each month, from 12 different bands such as Strung Out, Enemy You, The Lawrence Arms, and more. This NOFX 7″ was sent out in September. They were all limited to 1.300 copies. 1st press.

pressing info and other variants:
1300 copies with different color variants from olive green to yellowish – ON THIS PAGE

discogs info for this record
FATALOG info for this record

01 –
zyclone b. bath house (01:37)
02 –
spaghetti motel (01:55)

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