band: NOFX
title: ribbed live in a dive
format: 12”
vinyl color: yellow with green pinwheel (green corn color)
label colors: black a-side / white b-side
pressing quantity: 106
release date: 3 aug 2018

catalog number:
special info:
this live album was recorded in 2012, but only got released 6 years later. LP & CD includes 24″×36″ 2 sided poster. Sold at riot fest 2018 for the first time

pressing info and other variants:
unlimited on black vinyl
1020 on “malachi crunch” bone with oxblood splatter color vinyl
509 on “together on the sand” half blue / half mustard color vinyl
190 on “gonoherpasyphilaids” clear with red splatter color vinyl
106 on “green corn” yellow with green pinwheel color vinyl (FAT USA RECORD STORE) – ON THIS PAGE
106 on “cheese / where’s my slice” yellow / mustard / bone color vinyl (FAT EURO RECORD STORE)
106 on “gold” vinyl. BAND ONLY, each band member received an equal amount of this pressing

discogs info for this record
FATALOG info for this record

1 – Green Corn
2 – The Moron Brothers
3 – Showerdays
4 – Food, Sex & Ewe
5 – Just The Flu
6 – El Lay
7 – New Boobs
8 – Cheese/Where’s My Slice
9 – Together on the Sand
10 – Nowhere
11 – Brain Constipation
12 – Gonoherpasyphilaids
13 – I Don’t Want You Around
14 – The Malachi Crunch

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