band: NOFX
title: single album
format: 12”
vinyl color: green translucent with white swirl
pressing quantity: 2400
release date: 26 feb

catalog number:
special info:
Release Day variant only.

pressing info and other variants:
on black vinyl
on orange translucent vinyl, Euro retailer variant
2400 on green translucent with white swirl smoke, released day color onlyON THIS PAGE
1500 on leopard skin color vinyl, fat webstore variant
1000 on white with red burst vinyl, HOODIE bundle color vinyl exclusive
1000 on white with red burst vinyl, T-SHIRT bundle color vinyl exclusive
105 on solid yellow / magenta half n half with multicolor splatter vinyl, FAT USA RECORD STORE
100 on gold vinyl, BAND EDITION ONLY, each band member received an equal amount of this pressing

discogs info for this record
FATALOG info for this record

01 – The Big Drag 5:48
02 – I Love You More Than I Hate Me 2:36
03 – Fuck Euphemism 2:15
04 – Fish In A Gun Barrel 3:35
05 – Birmingham 3:35
06 – Linewleum 3:20
07 – My Bro Cancervive Cancer 2:29
08 – Grieve Soto 3:57
09 – Doors And Fours 4:49
10 – Your Last Resort 3:59

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