band: NOFX

title: so what if we’re on mystic
format: 7”
vinyl color: black / very translucent brown
pressing quantity:
release date:

catalog number:
special info:
the cover is a photocopied piece of paper. Some copies came with a separate insert. Three separate insides of the sleeve: “Summer of ’86 Catalog”, “Mystic Records list of records”, and a “blank inside”

pressing info and other variants:

500 copies on black vinyl, NOFX tour 1986 with “dutch east” sleeve
unknown copies on black / translucent brown – ON THIS PAGE
copies on black / translucent purple
copies on clear yellow

copies on clear blue color vinyl

discogs info for this record
FATALOG info for this record

01 – Mom’s Rules
02 – On My Mind
03 – Drain Bramaged
04 – Bob Turkee
05 – Shitting Bricks
06 – Lager In The Dark
07 – Too Mixed Up
08 – White Bread

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