OK, here are the records i’m looking for with more interest, rare variants, so very very hard to find. But if you have any of these albums and are willing for the sale, please contact me and we will definitely close a deal…

NOFX 7 inch of the month club #03, 7″, black / blue label / black NOFX / # on the left, with insert

NOFX ‎– 7 Inch Of The Month Club #6 clear with smoke
NOFX ‎7 inch of the month club #6 clear with smoke

NOFX 7 inch of the month club #9 mispress variants with label #8


NOFX the longest line (1992, any color 12″)


NOFX liberal animation (burgundy vinyl)


ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES shannon (2001, any color 7″)

NOFX the decline (1999, clear with blue smoke vinyl)